New “Choose Your Own Adventure” Mix

Hello friends,

I recently completed a mix for Halloween which is titled Zombie Hotel. This is my first in a series of what I call “specialty mixes”, which are basically just DJ sets that I put together that have some sort of purpose or concept behind them.

Part DJ mix, part album, and part audio novel, Zombie Hotel is a sort of “choose your own adventure” story presented through your speakers.  This is not a live mix, but rather, the result of many hours of surgical audio editing in my home studio.

Check it out right here!

A Handy Guide for DJs

Hello, friends!

I recently completed a fairly comprehensive guide on how to become a DJ, which you can see on my other website:

In it, I cover such topics as:

  • Learning what DJs are actually for, and what types there are.
  • How to “get a feel” for DJing using free (or demo) software.
  • Learning the basic skills.
  • Deciding on DJ hardware and workflow.
  • Building a brand and pursuing gigs.

You can check the guide out via this link.  Thanks!

New Site

Welcome to my newly re-designed page! This is where I will be putting information regarding all of my projects, DJing info, and musical pursuits… as well as any general ramblings that don’t really fit the mold of any of my other websites.

I really just wanted a personal page to refer people to as a sort of “one stop shop”… one that doesn’t bind me down in case my DJ alias changes or something.

This is still a work-in-progress, and I hope to have a lot more content added soon. Bear with me as I get this done!